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Alpha Five v10.5 runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7
  • All Features Enabled
  • Includes Templates
  • Includes Training Videos
  • Any work you do in the Trial Edition can be used in the Full or Upgrade Edition




NEW! Subscription Plan

Get the complete suite of software, add-ons, feature packs and videos for one flat price.

New!      Alpha Five Developer Subscription Plan

For one flat fee - immediately you will get Alpha Five v10.5 (Developer, Runtime and Application server,) add-ons and every feature pack, book, video and webinar.  (If you already own Alpha Five v10 or 10.5 you qualify for a lower price on your subscription - see below.)

In addition, when Version 11 ships in 2011, you will get Alpha Five v11 (Developer, Runtime and Application server,) and every feature pack, book, video and webinar for Alpha Five version 11. 

Furthermore, you will continue to get all new Alpha Five versions, feature packs, books and videos for a period of 12 months from the time Version 11 ships!


Subscription plans normally are 12 month plans, but If you purchase your subscription now, you will get the following important benefits:

  • You get the lower introductory price on the subscription plan (shown below.) 
  • Your plan will start immediately. You will get Alpha Five 10.5 licenses (Developer, Runtime and Application Server), all the existing feature packs, all the add-ons, books, videos etc. and the plan will extend for 12 months after Alpha Five v11 ships.

Upgrade Subscription
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Alpha Five v10 or v10.5

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 Your Price

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Alpha Five v10 Developer

For building both web and desktop applications

The Developer is used to build both web and desktop database applications. With its integrated Report Writer, Genies, Action Scripting, Action Javascript, Form builder, and Xbasic - it combines the perfect blend of ease and power. Suitable for all experience levels. (A fully functional, 30-day trial is available.)


Alpha Five v10 Application Server

For deploying web (browser-based) based applications

The Application Server allows you to deploy the web (browser-based) applications you build. Each license allows you to install the server on one PC. It can be used on a home/office computer with a high speed Internet connection (such as FIOS, Cable, or DSL), or it can be deployed on a dedicated server or on a virtual private server (VPS). Easy to set up.





Alpha Five v10 Runtime

For deploying desktop (PC-based) applications

The runtime lets you distribute the desktop applications you build so people without Alpha Five installed can run them on their PCs. The Runtime License allows you to distribute an unlimited number of applications to an unlimited number of people. (Formerly called the "Unlimited Distribution License")


All-in-One Bundle

The Developer, Application Server, and Runtime at a Special Price

Save big when you purchase all three products together. Perfect for people who are building hybrid web/desktop applications (thick client applications) - as well as those who need to build or support desktop and web applications separately. It's everything you need to build and deploy both web and desktop applications - all for one suite price!


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